Discover the Pinnacle of Motor Yachting with Azimut Yachts

Among the brands that we at Europa Yachts Philippines are proudest to have in our roster is Azimut Yachts. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, Azimut Yachts is one of the most celebrated makers of fine watercrafts in the modern boating industry. Azimut Yachts is also the flagship brand of the Azimut Benetti Group, a company which also oversees other well-known names in the industry, like Benetti, Yachtique, Lusben, Marina di Varazze, and Moscow’s Royal Yacht Club.

Today, the Azimut Benetti Group is mostly known for its motor yachts, which range from sport cruiser-sized boats to vessels large enough to be deemed “gigayachts.” For Filipino boatmen who are willing to invest in the ultimate motor yachting experience, the Azimut Yachts models available in the Philippines are ideal choices. Whether they’re going aboard a motor yacht from Azimut’s Flybridge, S, Magellano, Atlantis, or Grande collection, boating connoisseurs can enjoy Italian craftsmanship, sophistication, and pure bliss while out boating.

In this article, we’ll take a quick look at some interesting information about Azimut Yachts and its parent company, Azimut Benetti Group.. Get to know what sets the Azimut name apart from Europe’s other preeminent boatbuilders.

Azimut Yachts: Offering the Ultimate in Luxury and Performance

In the yachting world, Azimut Yachts is known for its approach that involves showcasing Italian beauty through technological advancement. Signature characteristics of boats from Azimut Yachts include eye-catching aesthetics, well-thought-out safety features, and clever innovations that optimize comfort and seaworthiness. Azimut Yachts implement its design-oriented vision for its boats in the company’s Italian boatyards, which employ the most cutting-edge processes and technologies..

There are several things that Filipino boatmen can look forward to when purchasing an Azimut motor yacht of their own. These include the following:

  • The ability to shop for a wide variety of boating experiences, whether the boatman’s interest is in sport cruising, fishing, or laid-back leisure boating.
  • Access to state-of-the-art motor yachting technologies and striking, opulent, and one-of-a-kind yacht designs.
  • Access to Azimut Yachts’ wide network of motor yacht-related services, which include sales, yacht management, and financial services among others.

Suffice to say, Azimut Yachts is indeed a name that offers the ultimate in yachting luxury and performance.

Azimut Benetti Boats Win Recognition from the Robb Report 

American lifestyle magazine the Robb Report recently named two boats from the Azimut Benetti Group in its lineup of best luxury watercrafts. The list, revealed in June 2020, cited praise for Benetti’s Luminosity gigayacht and Azimut Yachts’ Verve 47 day boat.

Benetti’s 353-foot Luminosity drew acclaim in the “Gigayacht” category for two distinguishing traits: her opulent four-deck design and her eco-friendly power supply system. Zaniz Jakubowski, Hugo van Wieringen, Reymond Langton Design, and Giorgio M. Cassetta collaborated on her exterior design and styling, which incorporate floor-to-ceiling windows and an expansive four-deck plan, eliciting a “suspended-over-the-water” effect.

Her interiors, which were done by Zaniz Jakubowski, leverage natural and artificial light and imagery with the clever use of glass and 1,200 feet of electronic panels. The yacht possesses PYC classification and can house up to 27 passengers in 12 suites. She also has space for a 24-foot sailing boat, two cars, and a helicopter. Despite her size, the Luminosity is easy to handle and navigate. She runs on diesel-electric engines and dual 2,200 KW Azipod propulsion systems, and can accommodate 36 tonnes of lithium-polymer batteries. When she runs on the latter for her power supply, she can do so without any disturbing engine noises or emissions.

The other big winner in Robb Report’s list was the Azimut Verve 47. The Verve 47 bagged the distinction in the “Day Cruiser” category for her best-of-both-worlds design approach, merging Italian and American sensibilities. Though the Verve 47 retains Azimut’s signature Italian craftsmanship, she was also designed by Florida-based yacht designer Michael Peters to handle powerful rolling waves—more typical of waters around the North American landmass than in the Mediterranean.

Dubbed the “ultimate boating machine” by Federico Ferrante, president of Azimut Benetti USA, she is notably pleasurable to maneuver, delivering “pure adrenaline while driving.” For a day cruiser, she is also very spacious and comes with liveaboard amenities—including her own wine storage, a tribute to her Italian roots.

Choose from Any One of These Azimut Yachts Collections Available in the Philippines

Azimut’s special qualities are easily discoverable in the models that are currently available in the Philippines. Thanks to Europa Yachts, the exclusive dealer of Azimut Yachts in the Philippines, you can consider purchasing a boat from the following collections.

Azimut Flybridge Collection

Yachts from the Azimut Flybridge Collection lets you choose  boats that are between 42 and 88 feet in length. Vessels in this collection are known for their agility, beautiful lighting elements, and ability to make passengers feel truly at one with the sea.

Azimut S Collection

On the other hand, the Azimut S Collection showcases sporty, high-tech boat designs. These models are known for their signature bow cap and open, comfortable spaces.

Azimut Magellano Collection

Those intending to go on long sea journeys can peruse the Azimut Magellano Collection. This collection is known for boats that have gentle and safe navigation qualities, efficient fuel consumption, and liveaboard-ready cabins and living spaces.

Azimut Atlantis Collection

Those who love the thrill of fast cruising can check out the boats from the Azimut Atlantis Collection. These boats are meant to strike a balance between sport performance and luxurious, carefree life at sea.

Azimut Grande Collection

Last but definitely not the least, the Azimut Grande Collection offers Filipino boating enthusiasts the ultimate superyachting experience. Ownership of an Azimut Grande yacht entitles one to total privacy, the highest level of service from the brand, and the widest customization options.


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