The Top 7 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Go Boating

Boat building and maritime navigation are  parts and parcels of the Philippines’ long and colorful history. In fact, many l of our national symbols pertain to the ocean and the boats we use to traverse it. There’s the balangay, the ancient lashed-lug boats of our ancestors whose name is also the origin of the Philippines’ smallest political and administrative division today. There’s also the karakoa, the large Filipino outrigger warships of old, as well as the  paraw and the vinta, which, for centuries, have been the traditional outrigger watercrafts of the Visayan and Mindanaoan peoples, respectively. Vessels like these transported our ancestors as they fished, traded goods, and settled in new communities.

Today, the sea lanes of the Philippines are no less busy. There are currently more than 500 maritime vessels registered to the Maritime Industry Authority (MIA), and boat passenger traffic between the years 2014 and 2018 alone totaled to more than 333,000,000.

However boating as a recreational activity is also something that many Filipinos have yet to try and fall in love with. And that certainly shouldn’t be the case. There are a lot of good things to discover no matter if  one is on a sailing yacht, a motor yacht, or a powerboat. You won’t encounter them otherwise with any other hobby!

Let us at Europa Yachts, the Philippines’ premier authority on sailing, fill you in on some of the top reasons why Filipinos should explore this safe, fun, and rewarding pastime.


It’s Something Out of the Ordinary

Tell someone that you’ve bought a new car or taken up a new but ordinary sport, and they likely won’t bat an eyelash. But if you tell them that you’ve taken up sailing or learned to drive a powerboat—that will surely get their attention! If you’re the type of person who’s seeking out-of-the-ordinary experiences, boating should definitely be on your list of new things to try. For sure, you won’t be bored, and you’ll always have an interesting takeaway for yourself each time you return to land.


You Can Enjoy the Freedom that Boating Brings

When you’re out boating with friends, family, or colleagues, you won’t be limited to lounging around on deck. You also have the choice to swim, snorkel, or do watersports around the area (as long as you have the correct gear and supervision). Boating also goes hand-in-hand with fishing, and you can bring all your favorite fishing gear on your next boating excursion. In short, you’ll have a lot of things to do, and the added luxury of no one to disturb you!


You’ll Learn Something New Every Trip

Boating is also a very educational pastime. Every time you board, you stand to learn something new. You might widen your sailing vocabulary and learn the meaning of terms like “port,” “starboard,” “mainsail,” and “leeward.” Or, you may come away with some sharp motorboat driving skills. Either way, boating will prove to be very enriching on your part and on the part of your companions. You’ll be glad to have mastered new knowledge about maneuvering boats, reading the wind and currents, and getting from one destination to another.


It’s a Safe, Healthy, and Relaxing Hobby

If you have any apprehensions about boating, know that collisions, capsizing and “man overboard” incidences, and animal attacks are all very rare. Boating is actually twice as safe as riding a car, and while it’s not free of accidents, such misfortunes are easily preventable. What matters is that you have an experienced crew and fellow passengers who are willing to uphold boat safety with you.

Going boating is also quite good for one’s health. When you’re out at sea, you get ample sunlight and fresh air, as well as numerous opportunities to exercise. Conversely, you can relax, relieve tension and stress from your body, and cast your worries away while you’re on a boat.


Every Boat Yields a Different Experience

There’s also a lot to get excited about with regard to the boats themselves. From simple speedboats to luxury yachts, every vessel will promise a unique kind of journey. Many of the boats being manufactured today, such as those that have come to take their place in Europa Yachts expansive fleet, come with state-of-the-art liveaboard and safety features. There are also models that are built especially for specific activities, whether it’s fishing, racing, or weeklong boating vacations. Part of the fun of boating is choosing what kind of vessel to ride. And when you find the right fit, you’ll want to be out at sea all the time.


It Provides Bonding Experiences for a Lifetime

You may think that being away from land will be lonely and isolating. But that’s far from the truth on a boat, where you’re accompanied by other passengers and crew. Boating often fosters teamwork and camaraderie, like during regattas (racing events involving boats). People from all walks of life can unite in the common goal of steering the boat in the right direction. If you ever join a regatta, your teammates could become your friends for life.

And even outside of competition, bonding on a boat is something else. There’s a different kind of intimacy that’s achieved from being in close quarters with good company, and with an unobstructed view of the sea. It’s the perfect backdrop for family bonding, milestone get-togethers with friends, or romantic getaways. Boating will enable bonding experiences of that quality, and you’ll remember them long after you’ve returned to the shore.


You’ll Become a Better Advocate of Your Local Community and the Environment

Lastly, boating is a great avenue for you to get to know your country, its local maritime communities, and the state of its environment. Textbook knowledge about these is one thing, but an up-close-and-personal perspective enabled by boating is another thing entirely. Boating will broaden your horizons and let you see how beautiful the Philippines is. Once you grasp this for yourself, you’ll realize why it’s so important to preserve our maritime heritage. And hopefully, you can become a more vocal advocate of the maritime industry, maritime livelihoods, and the marine environment as a result.

Aside from the seven reasons mentioned above, you may find even more cause to pursue boating once you try it for yourself. You have one life to live, more than 7,000 islands to explore, centuries’ worth of seafaring traditions, and a multitude of fellow boatmen behind you. So take the helm, and go boating!