5 Things Filipino Yachtsmen Can Look Forward to in Bénéteau’s New “Project E” Luxury Cruisers

2021 will be a big year for Bénéteau as well as all fans of the renowned French boatbuilder. It’s the year when two large luxury cruisers from their new line of powerboats, so far codenamed “Project E,” will be introduced.

Though little is currently known about the two Project E models, they made their first public appearance in January of 2020 at the Boot Düsseldorf.  One of the boating world’s most anticipated events—held annually in the show’s namesake city of Düsseldorf in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia—the boat show gave yachting journalists and other attendees the first preview of the generous volumes and luxurious amenities afforded by the new vessels.



Luca Brancaleon, Bénéteau’s Director General, also spoke of the Project E boats during an interview at the Miami Boat Show held in  February 2020. According to him,. Bénéteau was inspired by their customers’ desire for a lifestyle that allows them to enjoy more time to refresh, more time with their family, and more time to enjoy the comforts they earned from all their hard work.

“Project E is the latest challenge of Bénéteau. As a company in the avant-garde of the boating industry, it is in our roots to listen to our customers and their needs and to launch a new kind of thinking for the new decade,” Brancaleon said.



As with the many other Bénéteau boats that came before, Philippine-based yachting enthusiasts are also expected to celebrate the arrival of these new luxury cruisers and welcome them with much exuberance. But what exactly can the country’s yachtsmen expect from these boats that they haven’t yet seen on other Bénéteau models? Here’s an insider’s guide from Europa Yachts, the top dealer of fine European watercrafts in the Philippines.


Significant Upgrades in Performance

The Project E boats will capitalize on what longtime followers of Bénéteau already love about the brand: seaworthiness, adaptability, and superior performance at sea. Moreover, the two models hearken back to Bénéteau’s well-loved Swift Trawler line. Some qualities that carry over from the Swift Trawler powerboats, in particular, are spaciousness, cruising range, and an ability to cater to a liveaboard lifestyle marked by long sea voyages.

The Project E line seeks to expand on what the Swift Trawlers already previously offered. At the same, however, the new boats will offer significant upgrades of their own. The two boats in this line come outfitted with new displacement hulls designed by Amedeo Migali from renowned naval architecture firm MICAD. This revamped hull technology not only enables the boats to enjoy improved seaworthiness and efficiency, it also equips them with a long-distance cruising capacity that is superior to other models.


Space and Freedom of Movement

One thing to be said about the new Project E boats is that they are both big boats with unrivaled interior volumes. The first of the two measures 18.95 meters, or over 62 feet. The second is even larger, at 22.28 meters or over 73 feet. The former can accommodate between 6 and 8 passengers plus crew, while the latter has enough space for 8 passengers and up to 4 crew members.

The two boats also maximize freedom of movement with their streamlined layouts. Both have spacious flybridges, strategically located helm stations, and enough room for people  to travel between areas without anyone feeling cramped or wanting for space. Being on board these boats will feel as grand as being on a cruise ship—but without the dense crowds and limited mobility.


Opulent Interior Design

The Project E line is equally impressive when it comes to interior design. Bénéteau’s longtime design partner Nauta Design—with renowned yacht designer Massimo Gino at its helm— have imbued the two boats with their signature stylistic touches, all of which have been brought to a higher level specifically for this range. Passengers will certainly appreciate the tasteful satin wax wood finishing and the high-quality leather and textile elements that are characteristic of Bénéteau’s other premium models.



Optimum Privacy

Another point of distinction for the Project E boats is how well they maintain privacy. The appeal of a getaway on a motor yacht is, in the first place, the exclusivity. You will want to go on long sea voyages where no one will disturb you.

Privacy and seclusion are emphasized on both Project E vessels. The 63-foot cruiser, for example, has an enclosable galley, plus a VIP cabin in the bow so your special guests can enjoy their own exclusive space even if they’re already within the confines of a private vessel. Indeed, the liveaboard experience on either of these boats will feel safe, sheltered, and free of disruptions from the outside world.


The Ultimate in Passagemaker Experience

The last and most important quality to look out for in the Project E boats is their long-distance cruising abilities. They both fall under the category of passagemaker boat since they are designed to cross entire oceans.

Both Project E models are a joy to steer and have all the right amenities for long journeys. Indeed, if you go on a voyage on a Project E boat, you’re likely to want to make the trip last longer than an overnight outing. You’ll certainly want to savor every minute of your extraordinary liveaboard experience.

Bénéteau’s new Project E luxury cruisers are set to be launched in 2021. They will be made available to the Philippine market courtesy of Europa Yachts, the country’s exclusive distributor of Bénéteau boats. For news on these models, as well as on other flagship vessels from Europe’s top boating brands, stay tuned to the Europa Yachts blog.