Sail Magazine Names Oceanis 40.1 One of 2021’s Best Boats

Sail Magazine, one of the world’s top publications for all things related to sailing, unveiled its annual list of Best Boats last January 6, 2021. A notable inclusion on that list, judged as the Best Monohull Cruising Boat Under 50 Feet, is the Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1. Part of French boatbuilder Bénéteau’s storied Oceanis line, this 40-foot sailing yacht boasts a distinctive flared hull designed by naval architect Marc Lombard, and interior and deck design by Nauta Design. Sail Magazine’s jury commended, among other traits, the Oceanis 40.1’s speed, maneuverability, and versatility at the helm. Thanks to its seaworthiness, thoughtful deck layout, and keen attention to safety and comfort, the Oceanis 40.1 has also won from Sail Magazine a citation as a “true sailor’s boat.”

If you’re looking for a yacht that exemplifies all the best things about the sailing life, consider the award-winning Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1. Get to know the features that impressed Sail Magazine’s jury only here at Europa Yachts, the exclusive distributor of Bénéteau boats in the Philippines.



Anatomy of a Winner: The Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1’s Profile

When it comes to name recall for sailing yachts, few have the capital of Groupe Bénéteau. Bénéteau’s Oceanis line is known for boats with stable hulls, clear and efficient deck plans, and myriad opportunities for customization according to what their owners need and desire. This is the unique pedigree of the Oceanis 40.1, which debuted to much fanfare in the first quarter of 2020.

The Oceanis 40.1 holds Conformité Européenne (CE) Certification as a Category A vessel. That means that it meets the EU’s high standards for a self-sufficient ocean boat, particularly designed for longer voyages. It won’t be hard for sailors to get into the rhythm of a weeklong cruise thanks to the Oceanis 40.1’s versatile sailing systems. Buyers have a choice between the following versions of the Oceanis 40.1, depending on their preferences for sailing:

  • The First Line version, which sports a longer mast and greater draft;
  • The Standard version, which possesses an in-mast furling system with a self-tacking jib—ideal for sailing short-handed, and;
  • The Classic Mast version for a semi-full batten mainsail.



Regardless of which version they get, sailors will soon discover speed, maneuverability, and flexibility on the Oceanis 40.1 that is quite unlike in any other boat. First, the Oceanis 40.1 stands out for its ergonomic deck layout, which makes the boat a breeze to sail even if one were to assume more challenging positions. Crew and passengers alike will be at ease with the boat’s safety fixtures, like its pop-up footrests and brace points on the cockpit’s centerline table. The 40.1 also possesses an exceptional tracking system, affording sailing crews the most optimal navigation capabilities.

Sail Magazine’s judging panel noted how well the Oceanis 40.1 performed when the wind picked up. Another highlight of the publication’s test sail was the 40.1’s ability to get up to speed, surpassing 8 knots on a close reach on a day with a 15-knot breeze. That proves the success of Lombard’s flared hull design and the awesome speed potential on the 40.1.



The Oceanis 40.1 also lends itself quite well to applications beyond sailing. One example of a feature that can be enjoyed while the boat is stationary is the hinged transom. The transom can be dropped down and used as a swimming platform, or as a boarding platform for dinghies or tender vessels. Another highlight is the lounging space at the bow, which is conveniently unobstructed by the boat’s halyard winches and mainsail sheets, which are positioned over the coachroof. When the wind is still, passengers can spend the day wading, snorkeling, or socializing on deck.

Inside, the Oceanis 40.1 sports a neat living environment that’s indicative of easy, comfortable luxury. Its interiors are finished with either light or dark Alpi engineered wood, following a sensible and clean-looking modular design. The C-shaped galley is located on the starboard side, which is the trend for European boats. Its strategic placement opens up more space for dining or lounging in the saloon area.


Lastly, the Oceanis 40.1 is as much a family yacht as it is a racer’s yacht. Whether the owner purchases the 2-cabin, 3-cabin, or 4-cabin version, the boat promises ample berths, fully equipped heads, and generous storage for clothing, food, and supplies. For seasoned sailors and casual cruise lovers alike, this is a boat that hearkens to the simple, straightforward, and unforgettable joys of life at sea.

Enjoy the Sailing Life in the Philippines with the Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1

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