10 Other Activities You Can Do While Boating in the Philippines

Much of your ideal boating trip may consist of sunbathing on deck, lounging around inside in the saloon, or gazing at the sea. After all, it’s often when you’re boating that you’re enjoying the good life. It’s always great to take that experience in slowly, and to spend a good portion of your time simply relaxing and letting the gentle sound of waves lull you to a feeling of complete serenity.

But there’s a wider range of activities you can do when you go boating in the Philippines, and you aren’t limited to the boat itself. You can bring specialty gear aboard, like fishing equipment, and keep it stored away in the boat until you’re ready to use it. You can also step off the boat to immerse in the country’s beautiful waters or to set foot on its shores. Suffice to say, the fun lies in how many experiences you can curate while you’re on the boat.

Here are ten activities recommended by Europa Yachts, the Philippines’ premier distributor of fine and versatile European watercrafts. These are sure to transform your next boating trip in the Philippines into an exciting and all-inclusive vacation!


The Philippines is one of the most thrilling places to go sightseeing for natural wonders. With a wealth of islands numbering more than 7,000 that’s no surprise. There will always be something new to discover here the minute you look outside the boat. Best of all, if you own the boat, you have full freedom and control over your itinerary. You won’t have to plan your sightseeing trip around accommodating a big crowd, as rented boats often do.

You can plan a boat tour that makes stops at certain islands or natural formations within the vicinity of an area you’re visiting. It’s best to plan these stopovers ahead and to consult with your crew about where your boat should stop. You should also see what rules you need to follow while in particular locality, like where you are allowed to park your boat.

Game Fishing

Boating and fishing go hand in hand. If you’re a passionate angler, your next boating trip could be a prime opportunity to hook the next big catch. The game fish species you can hook in the Philippines depends on where you’re going. If you’re boating in Subic, which is one of the most important maritime destinations in the Philippines, you can hook sailfish, king mackerel, and even barracuda. If you’re cruising along Cebu’s waters, you could catch grouper, eel, and snapper among others. Reel in a big one for your photo collection—or for your passengers’ seafood dinner the same night!



As soon as you park your boat, you can leap off from a safe height and plunge yourself directly into the water. It’s as simple as that! A quick dip will be perfect to offset the tropical heat, which you may still feel when you’re inside the boat. Plus, you and your guests will revel in the privacy of having your own space to swim in near the boat—it will feel much like having your own swimming hole.

Just make sure you are swimming at a safe depth, and that you remain close to the boat and within the crew’s line of vision. If you are not very confident about your swimming skills, there’s no harm in jumping in while wearing a life vest.



Those who are so inclined can also go snorkeling at a safe distance from the boat. All you’ll need to do is unpack your snorkeling gear and head into the water. Equipped with a snorkel, a pair of goggles, and a life vest, you can enjoy views of corals and other marine life which you wouldn’t be able to see up close from the deck.

Scuba Diving

If you and your companions are licensed divers, you can also take it up a notch and schedule a diving excursion off your boat. In deeper waters, you will definitely be able to see the rich biodiversity of the country’s marine environments. You could dedicate a day or two during your boating trip to see marine life and other interesting sights underwater. Then, you can wind down and have a good meal to celebrate another enriching diving trip.


If you’d rather stay above the water, you can also go kayaking near your boat. Kayaking will afford you with some great upper body exercise, and with a little practice, you could get very good at paddling the boat. Just be sure to take the proper safety precautions when kayaking, and listen to your crew’s advice. Only go kayaking off the boat when the weather is favorable and the water is calm. Moreover, make sure to wear a life vest. Keep crew and passengers in the know about your “paddle plan,” which includes where and how far out you intend to paddle.


Those who know how to wakeboard can definitely do so during a boating trip. As long as the boat — or an adjunct tender vessel — can go up to speed and has a tow rope, it’s possible to engage in this watersport. It’s a private activity that’s sure to wow anyone who could be watching from the boat or from onshore.

You will want for your tow rope to be the appropriate length for your skill level and for the wakeboard to be right for your weight. Before wakeboarding, refresh your knowledge of the proper hand signals to use with the crew, such as for increasing and decreasing speed.


In contrast, if you’d enjoy being towed from the boat but don’t have the energy or confidence to wakeboard, you can go tubing. Tubing entails riding a round inner tube, also called a “biscuit” or “donut,” and being pulled along the water at a leisurely pace. Going tubing from the boat gives you the chance to be in the water while relaxing in a stationary position. Plus, you’ll get a healthy dose of sunshine and vitamin sea while riding your tube.

Romantic or Celebratory Dinners

Sometimes you don’t need complex or high-adrenaline activities to have an exciting time on your boat. The prospect of celebrating a special occasion aboard, such as a promotion or an engagement, may be thrilling enough. Your boat may be the ideal place to mark such a milestone in a way that makes it even more special. Those you’re celebrating it with will keep the fine meal, wine, and the backdrop of the sea with them forever in their memories.

On-Deck Picnics

Good food may taste even better when you’re aboard a boat. Your boating trip is the perfect opportunity to schedule a fun on-deck picnic with your family, friends, business colleagues, or romantic partner. You could pack a basket or cooler filled with picnic food classics, like sandwiches, cold salads, and punch. Better yet, you could bring along your favorite Filipino foods, like pre-grilled liempo or the ingredients for kilawin, to have a delicious Filipino on-deck picnic.

As evidenced above, there are quite a few wonderful activities you can partake in when you next go boating in the Philippines. Doing these on your own boat also affords you a much greater degree of independence, control, privacy, and mastery over your time. Which of these are you looking forward to the most when you plan your next big boating trip?