The Europa Sailing School: Now Accepting Enrollees!

Europa Sailing School was instituted to allow you to discover the joys of sailing whether as a fun hobby, as an exhilarating sport, or even as a career! Embark on an adventure of a lifetime by being part of our first batch of students!

Why Choose Europa Sailing School?

As the newest premier sailing school in the Philippines, the Europa Sailing School is an institution dedicated to bringing sailing education in the country to the next level. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling:

  • Experienced sailors and a licensed captain as instructors.
  • Broad course offerings fit for beginners, improvers, those aiming for certification, or even those who plan to race competitively.
  • Train in the best coastal playground near Manila to learn sailing – Club Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Flexible rates and sailing lesson schedules.
  • The most exciting part? You’ll learn to sail using a brand-new, state-of-the-art Beneteau First 14, courtesy of Europa Yachts.

Our Instructors 

DJ and King Cabarles

They are heirs to the proud sailing legacy of their hometown, the boating hub of Puerto Galera. Their father Jojo Cabarles, a decorated member of the Puerto Galera Yacht Club, founded sail training centers in the diver’s paradise of Boquete Island as well as in Hacsa, Macau. Following their father’s footsteps, DJ and King likewise became proficient sailors and even represented the Philippines in past sailing regattas. DJ is a licensed boat captain and serves as the company’s resident sailing coach.

What Is Europa Yachts Philippines?

Europa Yachts Philippines is a premier distributor of vessels from some of Europe’s most illustrious names in the boatbuilding industry. These include watercrafts from Groupe Bénéteau, the renowned French boating conglomerate; Lagoon, the world’s number one catamaran maker; and Azimut Yachts, a global leader in super yachts.

Of the same mind as their friends at the Subic Sailing Club, the leaders of Europa Yachts believe that sailing is a sport in which Filipinos can excel and be among the best in the world. As a way of supporting the advocacy of the Subic Sailing Club, they are providing the Europa Sailing School with one of the most important hardware to be used by its students: the boats for sailing instruction.

The Boat: Bénéteau First 14

Designed by renowned naval architect Sam Manuard, the Bénéteau First 14 places emphasis on both design and ergonomics, as well as on speed and stability. She is a joy to sail solo or two-handed, making her an ideal vessel to introduce anyone to the sublime pleasures of sailing.

While this dinghy can fly with her carbon mast and self-tacking jib, there’s no need to feel intimidated. She is incredibly simple, comfortable and clutter-free—just what beginner sailors need for their first sailing lesson. Sure enough, the Bénéteau First 14 is also highly adaptable to sailing skills of all levels. As such, her performance specs are a definite bonus for more advanced sailors.


Course Offerings

Choose the course that best suits you

Intro Sail Course – approximately 3 hours

This introductory course for sailing includes an orientation, gear check, and a quick actual sailing activity.

P 4,500

Start Sailing Course
- 2 days

A practical 2-day course, this program offers a great way for students to get a feel for sailing. It teaches the fundamentals of how to steer a yacht under power, how to raise the sails, and how to handle ropes.

4 guided sailing sessions, 2 consecutive days.

 P 13,000

Competent Crew Course
– 4 days

This course is a more advanced program that allows you to confidently cruise under sail and lets you experience being an active crew member.

With 8 guided sailing sessions. 4 straight days or split into 2 consecutive days (weekends or weekdays).

 P 25,000

Day Skipper Course
– 6 days

This course is for those aiming to advance their skills to competitively sail in confidence on their own, as well as to sail as a skipper while giving instructions to a crew. It offers an introduction to racing, and ends with a qualification for the Bénéteau First Cup.

12 guided sailing sessions. 3 sets of 2 consecutive days (weekends or weekdays).

P 32,000

Duo Packages

Form a flotilla of 2 with a partner to enjoy huge discounts!

Start Sailing Course
- 2 days


P 9,500 / head

Competent Crew Course
– 4 days


P 19,500 / head

Day Skipper Course
– 6 days


P 28,500 / head