The Barracuda is a sport fisher boat that is extremely seaworthy, safe, and top-notch in performance. This range features three outboarders each of which have innovative deck plans to accommodate fishing equipment. Scandinavian-inspired interiors make for comfortable cruising to suit the needs of even the most discerning owners.


Barracuda Powerboats by Bénéteau Philippines

In the wild, the barracuda fish is known for its distinctive large size, formidable ray-finned appearance, ferocity, and power. The powerboats belonging to the Barracuda sport fisher range from the illustrious French boatbuilding company Bénéteau possess a similar strength and nobility of character. Employing signature state-of-the-art technologies like the exclusive AirStep 2 hull technology, Lowrance fish-finding system, and fuel-efficient Suzuki engines, the brand’s Barracuda powerboats are designed to be the premier vessels for angling and diving adventures at sea.

Bénéteau’s Barracuda powerboats are especially made to meet the needs of recreational fishers— protecting them from the elements, hosting a variety of fishing equipment, facilitating on-deck fishing activities, and ensuring that moving from site to site is an easy and pleasurable affair. Those who want the best game fishing experience in the Philippines truly can’t go wrong with a Barracuda powerboat, a watercraft from which they can capture prized catches such as marlin, tuna, grouper, dorado, trevally, snapper, trout, and king mackerel.

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A Legacy of Recreational Fishing                                                                                          

The Barracuda powerboat range falls under a class of boats that Bénéteau pioneered in the wake of the waning of the commercial fishing boat industry during the second half of the 20th century—a novel market segment that came to be known as “recreational fishing boats.” The various fishing crafts that Bénéteau constructed in the early 1960s—iconic vessels such as the Guppy, the Flétan, and the Ombrine, which were incidentally named after fish species themselves—became ancestors of Barracuda range.

In recent years, Bénéteau began hosting the annual Barracuda Tour—an event that has since served as the perfect platform for showcasing the prowess of Barracuda powerboats. Launched in 2011, the Barracuda Tour is a no-kill fishing competition that is open to sport fishers from all over the world—an event where they can compete on equal standing using boats furnished with comparable equipment. Presently, Bénéteau also uses the event as an opportunity to develop and enhance the fishing-specific features of today’s Barracuda boats. This attention to detail and focus on innovation through practical experience is what accounts for the ongoing positive evolution of the Barracuda series.

Barracuda Powerboats: Built for Sport Anglers

The design philosophy behind the Bénéteau Barracuda powerboat is simple: a unification of elements that make fishing a fun, safe, comfortable, and productive activity. Under the guidance of this ethos, Bénéteau employed cutting-edge innovations like the AirStep 2 technology, which has afforded Barracuda boats a number of notable qualities: fast acceleration, unrivaled driving sensations, impeccable sea-keeping behavior, and easy maneuverability through turns and on choppy waters. This technology also makes Barracuda boats significantly more energy efficient than many of their competitors.

Other noteworthy features of Bénéteau Barracuda boats are their wind-shielded pilothouses, built-in fishing stations, numerous fishing equipment amenities, various storage spaces, and tasteful Scandinavian-inspired architectural elements and furnishings. The Barracuda powerboats are also customizable, coming in different layouts and configurations depending on the needs of individual customers.

Discover Bénéteau Barracuda Powerboats in the Philippines

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