Consulted in 2011 for the creation of the new flyer range, Style & Design immediately chose to create a strong identity. The concept of three deck plans for the same hull resulted in the creation of 10 highly innovative models from 5 to 8 metres.


Flyer Powerboats by Bénéteau Philippines

True to their name, Bénéteau’s Flyer powerboats are made to glide across the water to leave the competition in their wake. Coming in three different deck plans and ten models, these boats have hulls that are designed to incorporate Bénéteau’s proprietary Air Step 2 technology, delivering optimum performance, safety, and comfort.

Each of the Bénéteau Flyer models available through Europa Yachts is a distillation of technology, meeting the needs of different customers in their own unique ways. Nevertheless, these singular creative iterations of the dayboat bear the hallmark qualities of their parent range, making them an excellent choice no matter your lifestyle. Combining style, seaworthiness, and agility on water, all of the Flyer boats are known for achieving exceptional speed, excellent sea-keeping, and optimum control and maneuverability.

Whether you are into fishing, multiple island excursions, or simply lounging around in the bright sun, a Bénéteau Flyer powerboat will add an incomparable touch of class and excitement to your activities. Get in touch with Europa Yachts to learn more about this boat range today.

Bénéteau Flyer Powerboats: Built to “Fly”

By the mid-1970s the illustrious Bénéteau boatyard had already garnered the following of thousands of new boating aficionados, enamored by the French boatbuilding company’s introduction of recreational fishing vessels in the 1960s. The birth of the Bénéteau’s Flyer line followed soon after, coming to pass during the boatyard’s golden years of expansion in the 1980s. The turning point was when the legendary “Flying Dutchman,” Cees van der Velden, stunned the public when he won the Paris 6 Hour Grand Prix with a Bénéteau motorized catamaran. On the heels of this success, Bénéteau collaborated with van der Velden to develop its new Flyer range, which debuted at the Paris Boat Show.

The year 2003 became another milestone year for the Bénéteau Flyer range, as this was the time when naval engineers Remi Laval-Jeantet, Maud Tronquez, and Patrick Tableau developed the Air Step hull technology. A derivation of an aeronautical industry technology, Air Step employed chevroned steps under the boat’s hull to reduce the amount of friction on water and allow captured air to form a cushion, resulting in considerable increase in speed and reduction of energy consumption. The Air Step technology made its debut in 2004, when the 4th generation of Bénéteau Flyer powerboats were introduced.

Later on, Bénéteau collaborated closely with Volvo to yield the second generation of Air Step technology, which came to be known as Air Step 2. This new development led to a further increase in the volume of airflow beneath the boat’s hull, improving stability, safety, and performance. It now works in the service of Flyer powerboats that are between 5 and 9 meters in length.


The Dayboat Experience Reinvented

Presently, Bénéteau Flyer models are available in 3 deck plans, namely the Sportdeck, Spacedeck, and Sundeck. Sportdeck Flyers are outboard engine sport boats that are built specifically for pleasure and sensation. Offering excellent balance no matter the distribution of passengers, Sportdeck Flyers deliver safety in every excursion.

On the other hand, the Spacedeck Flyers feature roomy open deck plans with lots of storage and ample seating. These features can be easily converted to another amenity, like a fishing station or a sun lounger, enabling owners to customize their boat according to their needs.

Finally, the Sundeck Flyers showcase spacious open lounge areas for leisurely sunbathing, with aft seating that can be converted to a secondary sundeck area. A cut above the other Sundecks, the Flyer 8.8 Sundeck model also features a generously spaced interior that can seat up to 8 passengers, in addition to containing kitchen, shower, and toilet amenities.

The Bénéteau Flyer 10 model, however, brings the dayboat concept a step further by bringing it closer to the level of a sport cruiser. Featuring two double berths, a saloon cabin, a mid-cabin, and proper shower facilities, this unique boat makes liveaboard experiences possible for her owner and guests.

Indeed, those who embark on day outings with a Bénéteau Flyer boat can do so without a care in the world. They can simply pool their energies completely into angling, skipping the waves, or enjoying a picnic while on deck with family and friends.

Discover Bénéteau Flyer Powerboats in the Philippines

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