Chic and modern, this “Trawler by Beneteau” is fast and highly seaworthy, designed for ocean cruising.
She is at home on all seas and her consistent energy efficiency makes her a world leader in her category.

Swift Trawler Powerboats by Bénéteau Philippines

The Swift Trawler series is one of the several powerboat lines that global yacht conglomerate Bénéteau currently offers—a range that has its roots in the company’s history of building quality fishing boats. First introduced in 1980, the Swift Trawler range was conceptualized as a reinvention of the classic fishing trawler, one that keeps the form and function of the trawlers of old close to heart while also subscribing to the modern design ethos that Bénéteau has become known for.

The Swift Trawler range emphasizes safety, seaworthiness, and comfort in equal measure—everything that a boating enthusiast looks for in a day boat regardless of their skill level or nautical experience. The end result is a hardy, dependable, and stylish powerboat range that is perfect for any long-term ocean adventure, as well as leisure activities while at anchor.

You and other yachtsmen in the Philippines will easily find something to enjoy and love in the Swift Trawler powerboat range, no matter if you’re looking to get into the boating hobby or you simply want a refreshing change of pace from sailing.  All you need to do to get started is to get in touch with Europa Yachts, the country’s premier yachting authority and exclusive representative of Bénéteau powerboats in the Philippines.

Bénéteau Swift Trawler: Reinventing Tradition through Innovation

The boats under Bénéteau’s Swift Trawler powerboat range are the logical progenies of the French company’s earliest vessels—the inheritor of its fishing boat manufacturing legacy. Indeed, the first engine-powered sardine trawler in that region of Europe—developed between 1909 and 1910—was originally designed and built by Bénéteau’s founder Benjamin Bénéteau.

Today, the Swift Trawler range comprises the models Swift Trawler 30, 35, 44, 47, and 50. While different in terms of size, layout, and amenities, these boats possess common design denominators that make them stand out from other Bénéteau offerings. The most prominent of these is their robust but contemporary trawler construction that instantly inspires safety and security.

The interior also speaks of this boat range’s departure from tradition, leaving the spartan nature of fishing trawlers behind to provide comfortable and intelligently designed living spaces in their stead. Aside from these, the Swift Trawler boats’ performance on water is second to none in their class, offering the stability, safety, and autonomy that many people desire for long ocean cruises with their friends or family.

With all of the qualities, it’s not hard to see why the Swift Trawler line has received many accolades through the years. The latest of these was bestowed upon the Swift Trawler 35 when it was named “Best for Travel” at the 2018 Boat & Fun Berlin Convention.

The Swift Trawler Range: Designed for Safety and Comfort

Any one of the Bénéteau Swift Trawler boats can be easily discerned the moment it’s spotted on the water. This is because it bears the unmistakable classic silhouette of its trawler ancestors, yet it is enhanced with graceful and harmonious lines that have become a hallmark feature of Bénéteau boats. This results in a contemporary look that pays homage to the boat’s origins while incorporating the performance-enhancing qualities of modern nautical vessels.

Take for example the Swift Trawler 50, the flagship of the series. Her confident and powerful form on the water evokes safety and efficiency, qualities that are backed by her excellently engineered hull that lends her outstanding balance and maneuverability. Furthermore, the substantial bulwarks surrounding her deck provide greater security for those on board. This focus on seaworthiness and safety is repeated throughout the Swift Trawler 47, 44, 35, and 30.

The interiors of Swift Trawler boats are no less well-thought-out. Pragmatic but elegant, the inside of the vessels under this range are built to be convivial, ergonomic, and comfortable. They are cleverly designed to maximize living space and visibility of the surrounding environs, while the mahogany woodwork adds a warmth and classic elegance to the saloons and galleys. Many of the interior elements are also modular, lending themselves easily to customization.

With the entire line designed from the ground up to feature these traits in prominence, owners of Swift Trawler boats are well poised to tackle any nautical challenges with ease and confidence.

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