Oceanis Yacht 62

The Oceanis Yacht 62 is the reflection of Beneteau's new world designs - a collaboration between Italian stylist Pierrangelo Andreani and

Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design.

Oceanis Yacht by Bénéteau Philippines

Despite bearing the family name of the celebrated Oceanis line of sailboats, the new Oceanis Yacht range—created by the legendary French luxury boatbuilder Bénéteau—truly stands in a world of its own.

The first boat in the range, the Oceanis Yacht 62, was built to elevate the yachting experience and to transform life at sea. It came to be as a collaboration between naval architects of Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design and the Italian stylist Pierrangelo Andreani. Featuring superior craftsmanship, generous spaces, interiors bathed in natural light, and luxurious fittings and architectural details, this new yacht exceeds all expectations and opens sailors up to a whole new world of opulence and comfort.

Created for Cruising and the Pleasure of Life at Sea

The Oceanis name is one that features prominently in the annals of Bénéteau history. It all began in 1986, when the boatyard introduced the first of the vessels sporting this appellation—the Oceanis 350—which was celebrated for introducing “a new concept of happiness at sea.” Easy to maneuver and lending easily to sea-keeping, the Oceanis 350 signaled the beginning of a bold new direction for the company.

Through the years, the Oceanis name made more waves in the sailboat industry. In 1991, Bénéteau introduced the second generation of Oceanis sailboats, which sported the patented BWS technology that served as a hull-strengthening “shield” for the vessels. In 1994, the reveal of the third generation of Oceanis sailboats marked another major step in the evolution of the Oceanis name. Possessing a central cockpit, this generation of sailboats were hailed for their emphasis on safety.

The following year, in 1995, the fourth generation of Oceanis sailboats were introduced. Developed in collaboration with the Moorings yacht charter company, the new Oceanis clippers stood out at the time for the generous living spaces they afforded. In 2005, the fifth generation of Oceanis sailboats were introduced, a new line of boats that placed emphasis on passenger well-being aside from comfort and luxury. At once beautiful and seaworthy, these boats made the Oceanis name the international benchmark in cruising, a reputation that still holds true for the latest generation of Oceanis sailboats today.

Finally in 2017, Bénéteau brought the Oceanis name to a new level when it introduced the new Oceanis Yacht range. Headlined by the luxury cruiser Oceanis Yacht 62, the Oceanis Yacht range heralded a departure from the world of traditional sailboats.

The Oceanis Yacht Range: The Pinnacle of the Bénéteau Oceanis Legacy

The new Oceanis Yacht range stands apart due to the boats’ unprecedented level of luxury and technical prowess. Bénéteau has created a whole new class of watercrafts that is beyond compare, one that is sure to delight people whether the yacht is under sail or at anchor.

The majestic Oceanis Yacht 62—the first boat in this innovative new range—sits squarely in the intersection of indulgence, technology, power, and comfort. Possessing a slim profile, a low center of gravity, and a perfectly optimized sail area, the yacht stands out for her maneuverability and high performance at sea.

Whether within or without, each Oceanis Yacht is very impressive. As Bénéteau has meant for the yacht to offer a unique sailing experience for every owner, the boatyard’s Premium Service Department has committed itself to assisting every customer in the personalization of their boat. Everything from the choice of woodwork, upholstery, fixtures, sails, riggings, and even hull color can be tailored to mirror the owner’s needs and desires.

With the goal of imbuing the yacht with a harmonious sense of luxury, Bénéteau has also partnered with another iconic French name, Elle Decoration, to provide interior elements for the Oceanis Yachts. The product of this collaboration—the Elle Décoration Yacht Case—is composed of carefully selected pieces of crockery, glasses, cutlery, accessories, and other beautiful and creative articles that customers can use to deck out their beloved Oceanis Yacht.

Explore New Horizons with an Oceanis Yacht in the Philippines

Elegant on the water, bathed in light, and luxuriously appointed throughout, the Oceanis Yacht range represents the zenith of sailboat design and engineering. Discover more about this novel line of luxury yachts by speaking with experts at Europa Yachts Philippines. As the exclusive representative of Bénéteau yachts in the Philippines, we are in a perfect position to introduce you to this remarkable class of luxury vessels.

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