Great Tailwinds for Philippine Sailing as Europa Sailing School Opens in Subic

A place steeped in maritime history and presently a bustling hub of commerce, industry, and leisure and competitive boating, Subic Bay is the perfect location to immerse oneself in the joys of sailing. Soon, this sport will be a whole lot more accessible to aspiring sailors in the Philippines, thanks to the upcoming launch of the Europa Sailing School.

A collaborative effort between the Subic Sailing Club and Europa Yachts, the school will be inaugurated very soon and will be another major step in the fulfilment of the club’s mission to raise the quality of sailing education in the Philippines.

According to Richard Sarinas, Europa Yachts’ Director of Marketing and Business Development, their company is proud to be partners in this endeavor with the Subic Sailing Club, whose mission has always been to raise the level of awareness and consciousness of every Filipino regarding the Philippines’ maritime heritage.

“The Subic Sailing Club believes that sailing is a sport in which Filipinos can excel and be among the best in the world. We at Europa Yachts are thrilled to be of the same mind with our friends at the Subic Sailing Club in their desire to make this vision a reality.”


“Indeed, with the inauguration of the Europa Sailing School, the club will be able to share their expertise and love for sailing while being able to repose confidence in the thought that there will soon be a new generation of sailors who will make the country proud,” Sarinas said.

Subic Bay: The Epicenter of Philippine Sailing

Subic Bay used to play second fiddle to Manila Bay when it came to being the premier sailing location in the country. In fact, what is known today as the Rolex China Sea Race—a biennial event hosted by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club—began in 1962 as a race that straddled the cruising waters between Hong Kong and Corregidor Island, just a short distance away from the Manila Yacht Club.

Since 1996, however, the finish line for the race has been Subic Bay—possibly a portent for how big a role this location will play in the future of Philippine sailing. Today, it is the site of many other prestigious events, including the Philippine Easter Regatta, the President’s Cup Regatta, the Asian Yachting Grand Prix, the Commodore’s Cup Regatta, the Chairman’s Cup Regatta, the Subic Bay Cup Regatta, and the Subic Bay Around Verde Island Race.

From a “Gentlemen’s Society” to a Sailing Club for All

It was also in Subic Bay where a group of entrepreneurs, expats, and sports enthusiasts first came together in 2004 to establish the Saturday Afternoon Gentlemen Sailors (SAGS). While initially founded as a league of noteworthy men who all shared unbridled passion for sailing, this group actually formed the nucleus of what would later become the Subic Sailing Club, a club that would keep the sport of sailing alive and thriving in the country.

Today, the club is a non-profit organization that boasts a multi-faceted mission. Their goals include:

  • Attracting more Filipinos to see sailing as a sport that everyone can participate in, no matter a person’s background.
  • Providing quality instruction to those want to learn how to sail.
  • Promoting Subic Bay and the Philippines as top sailing destinations.
  • Organizing boating events that are accessible to all.
  • Showing appreciation to all Filipino seafarers.
  • Promoting a cleaner ocean.
  • Bringing attention to the issues facing the Philippines as a maritime and archipelagic domain.
  • Engaging all sectors and encouraging them to take action in terms of helping the Philippines reach its full potential as a seafaring nation.

Indeed, the Subic Sailing Club has evolved to become a sailing club for all—a sailing body that works hard to open doors of opportunities for the sport of sailing in the Philippines. It is with this same mindset that they are launching Europa Sailing School this year. It is to be an institution where everyone—no matter where they come from or what their personal circumstances are—can learn about sailing, pure and simple.

Bénéteau First 14: The Ideal Boat for the Best Sailing Education

More details on the Europa Sailing School, such as the exact course offerings, are still forthcoming. But one important fact about the sailing program is for certain: students will be honing their craft aboard Bénéteau First 14 sailing dinghies, courtesy of Europa Yachts.

The First 14, whose design was spearheaded by renowned naval architect Sam Manuard, is a fourteen-foot sailing dinghy with a planing hull built for speed and stability. Even though she is a simple boat, her top-quality craftsmanship is a nod to Bénéteau’s legendary racing heritage.

The Bénéteau First 14 sports a double centerboard casing that makes her easy to sail either solo or two-handed. Moreover, even with her small size, she can comfortably balance and accommodate 2 sailors when they’re sailing in tandem. She is a speedy, stable, intuitive, and highly versatile boat that can be maneuvered by sailors of all abilities—and that means first-timers to sailing won’t need to worry about a steep learning curve while on her. 

According to Sarinas, Europa Yachts hopes that by providing boats for the school, they can do their share in helping the Subic Sailing Club achieve its goal of elevating sailing in the Philippines.

“We support the Subic Sailing Club’s mission to create and sustain awareness for sailing in the Philippines through instruction and education, as well as through community building. Hopefully, these boats will go far in terms helping young sailors get a good start on their sailing education,” Sarinas said.

For news on Europa Yachts’ partnership with the Subic Sailing Club and the inauguration of the new Europa Sailing School later this year, please look for updates on Europa Yachts’ official website. You may also send an email to or call (+63-2) 8553-2027 for related queries.