How to Christen Your First Boat


You’re now the proud owner of your very own yacht. You’ve chosen her name, and she is officially yours.

What’s next? A christening, of course!

At Europa Yachts Philippines, we take pleasure in christening boats with their new owners. The traditional way to christen a boat is by popping some champagne with family and friends around. Many boat owners enjoy having the christening ceremony on the boat slip itself, as a means of sending her off on her maiden voyage – no matter how long or short the journey may be. In fact, this can be done even if her maiden voyage means a quick sail around the marina and being back just in time for dinner.

Christening ceremonies are a ritual to inspire safe travels and good luck. They usually last just around 10 minutes, and involve the following:

Family and friends

Your boat

Your boat’s name


5 Steps For Christening A Boat

Boat owners have the option of following the traditional steps in a christening ceremony, or having fun and making your own! Here’s what a traditional christening ceremony consists of:

1 .  Boat Owners Give A Speech

As the official owner of your very own boat, it would be nice for you to give a speech to your guests. The speech can be as simple as welcoming those in attendance, thanking them for being there, and perhaps explain why or how you chose the name of your yacht. Feel free to say anything else you’d like during the speech.

2 .  Give A Toast

Make sure that all guests have a proper glass to sip from; ideally a champagne flute if this is your drink of choice. When everyone has a full glass of bubbly, raise yours and make a toast to the boat.

3 .  Pop The Champagne

Ideally, you should be in the bow of the boat by now. This is the best part: it’s time for you to open a bottle of champagne and shake it up for popping.

4 .  Pop Or Break And Pour

Traditionally, new boat owners would break the champagne bottle on the bow. But because this can chip the gel coat, there is the option of shaking the champagne bottle, popping it open, then pouring some bubbly over the starboard hull, over the bow, or both.

5 .  Celebrate!

Congratulations! The christening ceremony is now complete and your boat is ready to take on her maiden voyage.

It’s up to you to now map out her future adventures!

Are you interested to get into yachting? Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll be happy to help!