3 Award-Winning Lagoon Catamarans Worthy of Your Consideration

If you’re looking to buy a yacht of your own, and you want a boat that sets you apart from other sailing enthusiasts with their flotilla of mono-hull watercrafts, then you might want to pick up a catamaran instead—especially one that’s made by Lagoon. This boatbuilder—headquartered in Bordeaux, France—is recognized as the world’s number one manufacturer of luxury catamarans.

A catamaran is a type of boat that’s just as dependable and seaworthy as some of the best-in-class mono-hulls out there, except that it features two parallel hulls instead of just one. This characteristic affords catamarans additional stability and speed over their mono-hull counterparts, which typically require a heavy ballasted keel to be stable on water. Because of this two-hull configuration, a catamaran also has a unique silhouette that’s bound to get you noticed.

Why Get a Catamaran from Lagoon?

Why get a catamaran specifically from Lagoon, you ask? It’s simply because they are the best. Established back in 1984 as an extension of Jeanneau Technologies Avancées, Lagoon has made a name for itself by building innovative catamarans that offer the ultimate in style, performance, and luxury. More than that, Lagoon is also a master visionary in its niche, producing historical world firsts such as the Lagoon 440, the first catamaran with a gull-wing shaped nacelle, as well as the Lagoon 420 Hybrid, the very first catamaran equipped with hybrid diesel and electric propulsion. These days, Lagoon continues to make the finest catamarans in the world as part of Groupe Bénéteau, the parent company of many other eminent yacht builders in Europe.

So, if your curiosity has been piqued and you wish to know more about Lagoon catamarans, then read on as we examine three of the prestigious yacht maker’s award-winning boats. Lagoon Catamarans is represented by Europa Yachts in the Philippines.


The Lagoon 50

The Lagoon 50 is a brilliant melding between the legendary Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 52 catamarans, one that’s made to sport all the best features and advantages of the two. As such, it strikes a very impressive and intimidating profile on water. Ever since its introduction in 2017, it has already won several major awards, with the latest being Multihull of the Year at the British Yachting Awards 2018. This prestigious inaugural event was concluded last December 2018 at the Royal Thames Yacht Club in Knightsbridge, London. Only a month earlier, in November 2018, the Lagoon 50 also bagged the Best Multihull Cruising Boat 40 to 50 Feet in SAIL Magazine’s Best Boats 2019 Awards.

Looking at the Lagoon 50, it’s very easy to see why it continues to receive accolades from respected organizations and award-giving bodies globally. Having been designed as a collaborative effort between naval architectural firm VPLP Design (Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost) and luxury yacht designer Patrick Le Quément, this catamaran features a bold and confident exterior full of strong lines, sharp details, and unparalleled functionality.

Its new-generation rigging is also built for simplicity and easier maneuverability, giving it the edge over other catamarans in terms of on-water performance. Meanwhile, its oversized cockpit make for an impressive piloting stance, while its large stern skirts provide easy access for passengers There is also a generously spaced modular dining area where you and your guests can enjoy peaceful afternoons in perfect bliss. Finally, its flybridge features a helm station that offers maximum visibility from all angles.

The magnificence of the Lagoon 50 doesn’t stop in its exterior. Thanks to interior design firm Nauta Design’s efforts, this catamaran’s living spaces are as decadently comfortable as they can be. The space inside the boat is fully maximized to feature only the most opulent but homely of furnishings and finishes, while also allowing the most amount of natural light in, thanks to its large hull portholes and panoramic windows. The boat’s clever saloon design also integrates two intrinsically separate areas: the elevated lounge section and a huge gallery that opens out onto the catamaran’s cockpit. All this serves to give the entire boat a lighter and roomier feel.

Truly, the Lagoon 50 is a full-fledged vacation home out on the open waters, with comfort, space, and luxury to spare. If it’s the finest in catamarans that you desire, this yacht is the one for you.

The Lagoon 42

Coming up next is the Lagoon 42, another premium luxury catamaran bearing the masterful design strokes of VPLP, Patrick Le Quément, and Nauta Design. In contrast to the Lagoon 50, this seaworthy beauty wasn’t just bestowed an award—it won it for itself. It did so by finishing first place in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), beating out 32 other multi-hull boats. The ARC is a prestigious race that was held between Las Palmas in the Canaries and Saint Lucia in December 2018. This incredible feat proves that Lagoon catamarans aren’t just the best in terms of luxury and style, but also in performance.

That said, there are certainly so much more to admire and desire with the Lagoon 42 than just its racing pedigree. Its exterior cuts an impressive appearance on the water, with a sleek design full of gentle curves and confident lines. It also bears the features that make Lagoon catamarans so unique, such as vertical windows, integral deck hatches, and a helm station that provides unparalleled ergonomics. The single-level cockpit and saloon will also be appreciated by those who desire direct access between these important areas of the boat.

Functionality is also very well thought out. The Lagoon 42 is built specifically to provide perfect comfort, maneuverability, and handling on all conditions and speeds, thanks to a rig that’s moved further aft, a high-aspect mainsail, a self-tacking jib, and accommodations for a code zero and an asymmetric spinnaker. Key decisions were also made in the boat’s design to completely eliminate excess weight, making it a more agile and balanced craft on the water. These include the production of the coachroof through injection, as well as the positioning of all the heavy elements of the boat—the rigging, the chain locker, the generator, and the water tanks—towards the center for a more even weight distribution.

All these functionality doesn’t mean that the Lagoon 42 is any less luxurious than its cousins, however. Its interior, just like the Lagoon 50, has been crafted by Nauta Design to make the owner feel like they’re living on a water-borne mansion. The living spaces are generously illuminated by natural light, thanks to the many hatches, portlights, and openings.

The interiors are also furnished with all kinds of creature comforts, from a kitchen and a library to an island double bed, a dressing table, sofas, closets, and other stowage spaces. The bathrooms for the owner and guest cabins offer both privacy and freedom of movement while also being equipped with separate showers.

If you’re in the market for a catamaran that combines performance and style like no other, then the Lagoon 42 is definitely the one you should choose.

The Lagoon 46

Finally, we get to the Lagoon 46, the last but definitely not the least in this list of award-winning catamarans. This highly anticipated catamaran, which was unveiled during the boot Düsseldorf 2019, received a nomination from the Multihulls World Magazine and its French language version Multicoques Mag as Multihull of the Year 2019 under the 40 to 55 feet category.

We shall know if it will bag the award come April 24 of this year, when the winners are finally announced at La Grande Motte Multihull Boat Show, which will be held at the Porte de la Grande Motte in France. It’s worth noting here that the Lagoon 46 was shortlisted from a pool of more than 70 new boat models, all of them released between 2018 and 2019.

While the competition for the award is truly stiff and fierce, this Lagoon offering has more than enough to make it a serious contender. Considered as the next step in the evolution of Lagoon’s luxury catamarans, the Lagoon 46 was also designed by VPLP, Patrick Le Quément, and Nauta Design. With this new boat, the designers made sure to reinforce the fundamental catamaran style while allowing the freedom and audacity of the brand to shine through with the boat’s modern silhouette and decadent, innovative features. Meanwhile, the yacht’s performance on the water is also undoubtedly improved, thanks to its shorter boom, a self-tacking jib, and a bigger sail plan for better sail area and displacement ratio.

The Lagoon 46 features a combination modular front and aft cockpit design, and it comes with a complete cooking area at the rear. The exterior is integrated with the indoors via a large retractable sash window, allowing for a more limitless sense of space. For your friends and family who love to swim, there’s also a safe and practical sea access very close to the saloon itself.

The interior is shown just as much love, with Nauta Design’s magical touch imbuing the Lagoon 46 with luxury and style that’s become expected of Lagoon catamarans. The owner suite is generous, featuring an island bed that can easily envelop multiple occupants in maximum comfort. The other cabins, while certainly a bit smaller, still offer enough space and elegance that no one is going to feel shortchanged or left out. The delectable finishing and strategic interior lighting top things off to make the Lagoon 46 your ultimate floating vacation house on the sea.

There’s just no competing with Lagoon when it comes to making luxury catamarans, and this winning list is simple proof of that fact. Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information and insight to help you finalize your purchasing decision. If so, then we invite you to get in touch with our experts here at Europa Yachts so you can begin your ocean adventure with the boat of your dreams.

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