Setting Sail to a Dream Destination: Europa Yachts’ Lagoon Escapade PH Explored Coron’s Breathtaking Waters

We set sail on an epic journey as Europa Yachts unveiled the highly anticipated Lagoon Escapade Philippines. Last November 24, we embarked on our biggest adventure yet with 12 stunning Lagoons and over 100 participants. We sailed to the pristine waters of Coron, Palawan, and it was a trip no one wanted to miss.

Picture this: the sun glistened on the crystal-clear waters of Coron Bay, surrounded by lush greenery. It was the perfect setting for our Lagoon Escapade. This exclusive event at El Rio Y Mar Resort immersed us in fun activities and unforgettable memories. We connected with fellow sailing enthusiasts, building a vibrant community of friends.

During our escapade, we had the chance to explore coves and secluded beaches that could only be reached by private boats or yachts. We bid farewell to crowded tours and embraced the luxury of sailing from the breathtaking bays of Busuanga to the pristine white sands of Diboyoyan. The unparalleled beauty of Palawan left us in awe.

But it wasn’t just about sailing. We embarked on exhilarating activities that celebrated the art of sailing. Our expert instructor and regatta nationals winner, Fernan Sarmiento, taught us the ropes during our Sailing 101 lessons. Some did the scenic hike through lush trails to witness the breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and the clear turquoise waters beneath. Diving and snorkeling expeditions allowed the others to explore vibrant marine ecosystems of the waters nearby. The special prizes and awards added excitement and acknowledged the passion and dedication of our esteemed Lagoon owners and their crews.

To conclude the celebration, we enjoyed a captivating cultural show and witnessed breathtaking sunset hues over Coron. It was a spectacle we will cherish, experienced in the lap of luxury aboard our Lagoon Catamarans.

The Lagoon Escapade was more than an event – it was a global gathering of Lagoon owners united by their passion for sailing and sense of adventure. Europa Yachts proudly presented Lagoon, a line of catamarans renowned for their luxury, reliability, and security. These remarkable vessels accommodated up to 40 people, boasting spacious interiors with cozy sleeping cabins and stylish living spaces. Lagoon catamarans were truly in a league of their own.

Owning a Lagoon catamaran was not just a luxury – it was an extension of one’s identity. Whether a beginner or a seasoned sailor, Lagoon offered diverse options to suit various budgets and preferences. With personalized design features, each Lagoon became a unique vessel tailored to the owner’s desires. 

Europa Yachts is dedicated to providing a seamless ownership experience, offering support and guidance at every stage of the journey. Their commitment to excellence ensures that owners feel confident in the maintenance, repairs, reliability, and safety of their Lagoon catamarans. With a dedicated customer service team, maintenance crews, and France-trained mechanics based locally, Europa Yachts Philippines strives to provide fast and efficient aftersales support. Their comprehensive warranties further guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction, from the initial concept to post-sales services.

Kael Solano, Director of Operations at Europa Yachts Philippines, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering a premium owner experience. Whether someone is a first-time owner or a seasoned enthusiast, Europa Yachts Philippines aims to exceed expectations at every turn. Owners and buyers can trust that the dedicated team and overseas-trained mechanics will provide the necessary support to ensure their boats are always in top shape.

Reflecting on the recent Lagoon Escapade in Coron, Thomas Cachera, Managing Director of Europa Yachts, said, “The celebration was a remarkable testament to the adventurous spirit and love for nature shared by our Filipino Lagoon owners. Palawan truly offered the best of the best!”

Richard Sarinas, Chief Marketing Officer at Europa Yachts Philippines, expresses heartfelt appreciation, stating, “It has been our privilege to host the Lagoon Escapade Philippines, showcasing the magnificent beauty of our country’s islands, perfectly enjoyed with Europa Yachts and Lagoon. We extend our deep gratitude to the sailors and the community of Lagoon enthusiasts who joined us for the Lagoon Escapade in Coron, for their unwavering support and trust in our brand. We are thrilled and excited to host more of these remarkable events for our existing and future Lagoon owners.”

On behalf of the entire Europa Yachts team, thank you to this year’s Lagoon Escapade Philippines fleet:

  1. Lagoon 46 Twin Popsies
  2. Lagoon 46 Liquid Sunshine
  3. Lagoon 46 GRS
  4. Lagoon 500 Irene Jungle
  5. Lagoon 50 Bella
  6. Lagoon 50 Wind Breaker
  7. Lagoon 52F Sabrina
  8. Lagoon 55 Querida Mia
  9. Lagoon 55 Avitas
  10. Lagoon SIXTY7
  11. Lagoon 630 Violy
  12. Lagoon 65 Meemee

In honor of Lagoon’s upcoming 40th anniversary, the esteemed brand is excited to announce the Lagoon World Escapade. This remarkable event is our way of expressing gratitude to the dedicated owners who have played a pivotal role in shaping our brand over the past four decades. From May 17th to May 19th, 2024, Lagoon alongside dealers will host an extensive celebration, spanning the 7 seas of the world. This unique experience will provide an opportunity for Lagoon owners, not only in the Philippines but from around the globe, to come together, explore, and embrace the sense of community that defines our brand. By sailing to dream destinations worldwide, we aim to create lasting memories and forge meaningful connections amongst our valued Lagoon family. The next dream destination awaits!