Big Sailing Experiences on Small Boats: A Look at Bénéteau’s First and First SE Lines

Whenever the French luxury boatbuilder Bénéteau comes up in conversation, it’s usually in relation to its bigger offerings that are upwards of 40 feet long. This includes sizeable liveaboard sailing yachts like the Bénéteau Oceanis Yacht 62 and the Bénéteau Oceanis 55.1, as well as spacious powerboats like the Bénéteau Grand Trawler 62. But Bénéteau believes that there’s just as much magic in an unembellished, bare-bones sailing experience as there is in one that allows you to live large in the lap of luxury.. To this end, the brand exerts as much effort, craftsmanship, and attention to detail on its smaller boats as it does on its bigger boats.

In this feature, Europa Yachts Philippines, the country’s exclusive distributor of Bénéteau watercrafts, will take you through some of the brand’s most popular smaller boats. These include the reimagined classic First line and the special racing and high-adrenaline sailing line, the First SE – Seascape Edition, which was conceptualized in partnership with Seascape.

A New Set of Bénéteau First Boats for Hands-on Sailors

Here’s some good news for longtime fans of Bénéteau in the Philippines, as well as beginner to intermediate-level sailors who want the best boats for their first forays into the sport. In early 2021, Bénéteau introduced the seventh generation of boats under the First range, the brand’s well-loved line of sport cruisers and day cruisers.

Among the boats redesigned for even greater simplicity and sensation are the trustworthy Bénéteau First 14 dinghy, the accommodating Bénéteau First 24 family-sized day cruiser, and the speedy Bénéteau First 27 offshore racing boat. The new First vessels feature the original hull design of Samuel Manuard and the same safe, practical construction that they have had since the 1970s. The key differences are in Bénéteau’s use of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and sturdier, more ergonomic materials. Some elements on these boats, like the deck layout and cockpit layout, have also been rethought for even greater comfort and ease of maneuverability.

As the new First line proves, one may not need an expansive yacht to unlock the kind of sailing experiences they dream about. The First 14, built around Bénéteau’s thrilling Wizz dinghy-plus-sailboard design, will help novice sailors fall thrillingly in love with the sport. The First 24, on the other hand, will offer a family of up to 4 everything they need for a complete day sailing or weekend cruising experience, including thoughtful solutions for dining, living, storage, and toilette. Finally, the First 27, a true athlete’s yacht, will accommodate planing experiences that will earn trophy finishes at club races.

The First SE – Seascape Edition Boats: Built for Racing and Performance

The First SE – Seascape Edition, on the other hand, is a new product of a collaboration between Bénéteau and Slovenian boatbuilder Seascape. As the boats from this line show, Bénéteau and Seascape are one in their vision of empowering sailors to go beyond their comfort zone. The defining sensibility of the First SE line is high-tech sailing performance merged with community know-how—all for the love of racing and high-adrenaline sailing activities.

There are currently four models under the First SE line: the First 14 SE, the First 18 SE, the First 24 SE, and the First 27 SE. The First 14 SE sailing dinghy boasts a mast, boom, and bowsprit made of tough, stress-resistant carbon fiber and laminate cloth upwind sails—a great combo for no-holds-barred sailing. The First 18 SE, on the other hand, is an adventure cruiser and sea camper that can plane at double-digit speeds and hold its own during one-design races and adventure sailing outings.

Meanwhile, First 24 SE, which sports a very large square-top mainsail, allows sailors to have fun even in the lightest of winds, thanks to the high sail area to displacement ratio that the boat can achieve. Finally, the First 27 SE is a robust one-design offshore racer with all-weather, vacuum-infused features overseen by Samuel Manuard. Depending on what it is a sailor is looking for—whether it’s racing, sea camping experiences, or high-speed adventure sailing—a model from the First SE line is sure to deliver.

Be the First in Line for News about the Bénéteau First and First SE Boats

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