7 Things You Can Enjoy More on Your Pre-Owned Yacht

More Filipinos are discovering the appeal of yachting, and many more dream of cruising the Philippines’ beautiful waters on their very own boat. If you count yourself among this demographic, perhaps you’re thinking twice because of the premium or delivery leadtime. However, thanks to a lively market for pre-owned watercrafts in the country, fulfilling this dream might not be as difficult as you initially imagined.

Europa Yachts, the Philippines’s leading yachting authority and a distributor of boats from top European boatbuilders , is also known for offering brokerage services for pre-owned yachts. We can help you negotiate a budget, figure out your needs, and acquire a pre-owned vessel that you can depend on at sea.

Having your own pre-owned yacht can change your life in myriad ways. For sure, it’ll heighten your enjoyment of the little things in life in ways that other modes of travel or leisure can’t. Here are the top seven things you can look forward to if you invest in a pre-owned yacht for yourself.

Flexible Travel

One of the biggest highlights of being a yacht owner—even of a secondhand vessel—is having the luxury to travel completely on your terms. You won’t be limited to flight or bus schedules, nor will you be constrained to the itinerary of a tour group. You get to decide when to leave shore and when to come back, whether that’s for a day or an entire week. As long as you do the requisite preparations, like booking a crew and doing any necessary repairs well ahead of time, you can enjoy flexible travel.

Time for Yourself

Another privilege you can enjoy aboard your pre-owned yacht is unhampered time for yourself. Once you get into the yachting life in earnest, you’ll discover that you spend much less time preparing and waiting and much more time relaxing. There’s no more need to wait in line to see an attraction, and no more hours of doing nothing while in transit. When you’re on your yacht, you will spend every minute on the ocean, and you can choose to do any activity for the full duration of the day—from sunrise to sunset. Few things compare to the freedom of cherishing every moment of your time on your yacht.


Yet another big upside to having a pre-owned yacht is having maximum privacy while you’re out on the water. This may be something that you actively want for yourself, as well as for your partner, children, and other family members. Being in your own private space on deck will allow you to give your undivided attention to one another, and you will be able to  rest undisturbed by the troubles of your life on land.

Stunning Natural Views

Once you secure ownership of a secondhand yacht, make sure that you and your companions have your cameras ready. You’ll be treated to exceptional views of the water, the sky, and the shoreline, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of these from a more intimate vantage point compared to when you’re sitting on a plane or in a car. With the ocean at your feet and the breeze against your skin, you’ll be witness to nature’s full glory. It will be the kind of experience that you and your companions will want to revisit again and again.

Aquatic Activities

A big advantage of having your own yacht is having access to an all-in-one platform for travel, accommodation, and leisure activities. Among the activities that you and your yachting party can enjoy are fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, tubing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, or cruising on a Seabob water scooter. Your yacht will have ample storage for equipment, and it’ll be easy to go from the water back to the deck when you’re done.

Freshly Prepared Food and Drinks

Who wouldn’t enjoy the treat of al fresco dining on a yacht flybridge or cockpit? As you’ll learn when you become a yacht owner, meals will taste better and cocktails will be more refreshing when they’re made fresh from the galley. For best results, treat yourselves to meals of fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables as well as wine or tropical drinks.

Bonding Experiences with Loved Ones

Last but definitely not the least, you will be able to enjoy bonding experiences with your loved ones in a wholly different way while aboard your yacht. That investment into a good secondhand yacht will yield priceless memories that you’ll want to repeat. You’ll be able to go on thrilling aquatic adventures together, as well as get to know each other during meals, sunbathing sessions, or late-night talks under the stars. Let your biggest return on investment for your pre-owned yacht be the happiness that you and your loved ones will feel and treasure for years to come.

Secure Your Dream Yacht Through Europa Yachts’ Brokerage Service

At Europa Yachts, we can help you discern your options for a great pre-owned yacht as well as a brand-new one. You will be able to choose from among Europe’s most storied brands, like Bénéteau, Lagoon, and Azimut. For inquiries, contact us by phone at (+632) 7255 7116 or email us at info@europayachts.net. See the world through new eyes aboard your very own pre-owned watercraft!