What to Look For in a Family Yacht

A yacht is perhaps the ultimate status symbol, a luxurious proof of your hard work through the years. It’s also a worthwhile investment since you can use it to host parties and meetings for cultivating healthy business relationships, so that you can grow your enterprises even further. More than that, however, the best thing about purchasing a yacht in the Philippines is the privacy that it can afford you and your family. You can enjoy a leisurely, comfortable holiday out in the sea with your loved ones without worrying about any intrusions.

If you’ve already decided to invest in a family yacht, there are certain things you have to keep in mind to ensure the best cruising experience. Here are a few of them.



Safety should be one of your top priorities when considering buying a yacht, especially if you’re going to be sailing with small children and elderly members of your family. Some of the things you should look at are the following:


  • Is the cockpit well-protected?
  • Are there enough handrails?
  • Is the main bilge pump easily accessible?
  • Is the anchor chain easily accessible?
  • Where is the life raft stored and is it easily accessible?
  • Is it easy to board the boat from the water?
  • In cases of emergencies, how easy is it to retrieve someone who goes overboard?


For first-time buyers, it is highly recommended to require the assistance of a trustworthy yacht dealer like Europa Yachts, who can walk you through the important details and safety features. A major factor to consider is the warranty provided with a brand new yacht and the possibility to customize the vessel with your choice of options and design features.  Not having to worry about improper maintenance in the past is also a peace of mind which takes your yacht ownership to a different level.



If you’re going sailing with your family, then you should definitely get a boat with sufficient space so that everyone will be comfortable. A 30- to 33 40 to 45-foot boat is usually enough for a family of four with younger children, while bigger families with older children would do better with 40-foot  50 yachts or bigger. Of course, you should also factor in your boating experience when considering the size of the yacht you’re planning to purchase. Bear in mind that a larger yacht may require additional crew to assist with the handling of the boat. All in all, however, space is one of the biggest factors you should think about when getting a yacht for family use.




The yacht brand is probably the number 1 factor to consider while choosing the boat of your dreams.  Part of the Beneteau Group,  the world leader in cruising catamarans, Lagoon specializes in luxurious catamarans either as sailing or motor yacht version. These catamarans are particularly suitable for families, thanks to their wide open spaces and stability on the water.



As earlier mentioned, one of the most ideal boats for family use is a catamaran due to their spaciousness and safety. Catamarans also give you more comfortable sailing angles of about 5 to 10 degrees, as well as gorgeous 360-degree views. These boats also have shallower drafts compared to monohulls, so you can cruise and anchor in more places. Lastly, catamarans are constructed in such a way that they will always float. This is especially beneficial if you ever find yourself stuck or experience an emergency.


Other types of boats ideal for families include bowriders, which can comfortably accommodate six or more passengers in almost any water condition; cuddy cabins, which feature a closed deck over the bow for easy navigation and spacious storage; and motor yachts, which are ideal for leisurely activities and come in different types to meet different needs.


If you have money to spare and want to stay out in the water for a longer period, you might want to consider investing in a houseboat. Also called “float houses,” houseboats incorporate almost every amenity you can think of, including entertainment systems, full-size living spaces, and multiple bedrooms.


A yacht is a sizable investment but definitely a worthwhile one. Not only will you be able to use it for various business purposes, you can also use it to treat your family to unforgettable travel adventures and memorable bonding moments. Hopefully, these tips can help you find that perfect family yacht, but if you think you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Europa Yachts.


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