4 New Sailboats Promise a Sumptuous Life on Board Starting 2019

Following a memorable 2018—which saw Philippine yachtsmen catapulted to the global stage during the China Cup International Regatta—the Philippine yachting world is once again expected to catch a remarkable tailwind at the dawn of 2019, beginning with the introduction of new luxury yacht models to the local market.

In particular, industry observers are keenly awaiting top Philippine luxury boat authority Europa Yachts to introduce 4 new yacht models, which have all received numerous accolades from yachting experts all over the world. These include the Lagoon 46 by the leading catamaran maker Lagoon, and the triumvirate of Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 30.1 and First Yacht 53, which were created by renowned luxury watercraft builder Bénéteau. Both Lagoon and Beneteau are part of the Groupe Bénéteau—one of the most illustrious names in the yachting world—which is represented in the Philippines by Europa Yachts.

“We’re thrilled to introduce these four new luxury yacht models from Groupe Bénéteau to Philippine yachtsmen,” said Richard Sarinas, Director of Marketing of Europa Yachts Philippines. “Survey any boat from the Beneteau family of brands, and you’ll find that every one of them has been imbued with the same DNA that the parent company has had since it began operations in France in 1884. They are all about masterful craftsmanship, seaworthiness, and stately designs—both inside and out.”

Nevertheless, the four new vessels—despite bearing many of the same qualities that have been the hallmarks of their predecessors for decades—are actually embodiments of the bold new directions that their respective builders are keen to take in the coming years.

“We feel that these boats— the Lagoon 46, Oceanis 46.1, Oceanis 30.1, and First Yacht 53—serve as milestones for their respective series, and their builders in general,” Sarinas said. “They are completely new vessels that highlight their manufacturers’ new creative visions, and they are all proof that the Bénéteau Group is headed somewhere exciting in the future. Each of these boats definitely has something different to offer to the yachting world.”

Lagoon 46

In the case of Lagoon, the world’s number one catamaran manufacturer, the innovation is in making leisurely and family-friendly cruises possible. The double-hulled Lagoon 46—the result of a partnership between Patrick Le Quément, VPLP Design, and Nauta Design—perfectly represents this evolution.

It is a remarkably roomy, stable, and maneuverable watercraft that convivially welcomes seafaring guests of all ages on deck. It’s also geared to take the family “liveaboard” experience to the next level, and this it does by seamlessly integrating the interiors with outside, by having a galley equipped with essential home kitchen amenities, and by ensuring that the cabins are fully furnished and highly livable.

The Bénéteau Oceanis 46.1, on the other hand, is a large cruising yacht that endows a more straightforward kind of luxury. This joint offering from Pascal CONQ and Nauta Design emphasizes elegance, generosity of space, and performance.

The boat is distinctive for the liberty of space it affords passengers, seen in features like its stepped hull and accommodating deck plan. Short-handed sailing on this big boat will be a pleasure as well, as it comes with a powerful winch at the helming station to efficiently manage the halyards and sheets. Moreover, this yacht lends itself easily to being custom-fitted and configured to the owner’s liking.

Conversely, the Bénéteau Oceanis 30.1 is notably the smallest in this group of new boats. With an overall length of just 9.53 meters, this smart little cruiser is nonetheless a hardy companion at sea, and can also be maneuvered in lakes and rivers. Some of the forthright features of the Oceanis 30.1, courtesy of Finot-Conq and Nauta Design, are its lightweight build, slender bow, square-top mainsail, and modest but tastefully crafted wood-accented cabins. This boat is perfectly engineered for short-hand sailors, and is ideal even for beginners who want to learn the craft in differing environments.

Last but definitely not least is the First Yacht 53, which is a callback to the legendary First racing series that Bénéteau introduced in 1976. No less than the brand’s Managing Director, Gianguido Girotti, declared his intent to restore Bénéteau’s competitive sailing prestige.

The First Yacht 53’s design is the brainchild of yacht designers Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento, who beat out three other competitors in a 2016 bid to complete the project. As it is now, the First Yacht 53 is loyal to its racing roots, promising superior yachting performance with its balanced hull. However, it also sports a clean, minimalist, and modern interior design that serves as the perfect cocoon to any competitive sailor. Outside of Europa Yachts’ stable, Philippine yachtsmen will be able to sight the First Yacht 53 at its official debut in the Cannes Yachting Festival this September 2019.

“Needless to say, Bénéteau and Lagoon are once again blazing a trail in the yachting universe with these four new sensational vessels,” Sarinas said. “We truly can’t wait to introduce them to all our friends in the Philippines,” he added.

For more information about these upcoming yacht models, relay inquiries to info@europayachts.net or call (+632) 553-2027.