6 New and Exciting Things to Do This Summer

One of the things that makes the Philippines a top travel destination is its almost ideal climate conditions, with most days in the year experiencing sunlight. The favorable climate makes it easy for local and foreign tourists alike to enjoy the country’s natural features, including its mountains, river systems, beaches, and the waters surrounding its islands.

Indeed, there are few places better than the Philippines to plan an awesome summer holiday. Here, you can learn new things, chance upon breathtaking sights that you won’t see anywhere else in the world, and encounter the Filipinos’ signature warmth and hospitality.

In this short guide, we provide you with a list of perfect summer activities to try in the Philippines. The choices range from challenging to laid-back, and from adventurous to just within an average traveler’s comfort zone. See which one sounds the most appealing to you, and consider giving it a shot!

Learn how to sail

The Philippines has is seen by many as an ideal place for sailing mostly due to the appealing conditions of its maritime domains, which feature deep, stable waters and strong, consistent winds. In recent years, it has become a hotspot for sailing education as well, thanks to the efforts of groups like the esteemed Subic Sailing Club, which is committed to introducing the sport to as many Filipinos as possible.

If you want to learn the ropes, so to speak, you can enroll at the Europa Sailing School in Subic. All courses here will be taught by expert instructors from the Subic Sailing Club and using state-of-the-art Bénéteau First 14boats. Needless to say, learning how to sail here will be extremely fulfilling, even for beginner students. Knowing how to read the wind, steer a boat, and navigate across the Philippines’ world-renowned waters—all of these make sailing lessons the ideal summer activity.

Watch first-time sailors Janina Manipol and Lexi Mendiola go through Europa Sailing School’s 2-day Start Sailing Course. In this episode, join them as they learn the theory, work the ropes under sail, maneouver with the tiller, tackin’, gybing and sailing the Bénéteau First 14! Thanks to IYT Worldwide certified sailing instructor Marcus and coach Fernan.


Get a diving license

If you’d rather be underwater than aboard a boat, there’s also the option to learn how to scuba dive. There are a number of excellent diving schools spread out across the Philippines that offer either PADI or SSI Open Water Diver certification courses. Some of the most famous and accessible schools are based in the top diving destinations of Batangas, Cebu, Palawan, and Negros Oriental. In as short a time as five days, you can obtain your own diving license and go on underwater excursions. This will bring you face-to-face with the Philippines’ amazingly rich and biologically diverse marine life.


Give wakeboarding a try

Learning a new water sport may also be on your summer agenda. For those inclined to go wakeboarding, you may try it out in water sports facilities like those in Pampanga, Batangas, Laguna, Camarines Sur, Cebu, and Davao.. It may take you a while to get the hang of balancing your body on a board while being pulled by a long cable. However, once you get over your initial difficulty in balancing or fear of falling down, then wakeboarding will be a true thrill that will make you want for more.

Go game fishing

Fish constitutes a large chunk of the Philippines’ national diet. But did you know that the country’s game fishing circuit is also quite active? Top places to go game fishing in the Philippines are the surfing capital of Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, Lake Caliraya in Laguna, and Mactan Island in Cebu. Practice your angling skills in any of these destinations, and get a chance to hook prized game fish like marlin, tuna, dorado, snapper, and trevally.


Try aerial walking

Aerial walking—an activity where you go through an aerial obstacle course with the use of ropes and harnesses—has steadily become popular for family bonding and team-building activities in the Philippines. You may want to try out aerial walking in a lakeside resort like Taal Highlands with your family, officemates, or friends in tow. The rope systems are designed to keep you safe and balanced, and they’ll provide a spectacular view of the sky, the treetops, and the surrounding mountains. For those who want to conquer small challenges over the summer—be it a fear of heights or the desire to communicate better with other people—aerial walking may be a good option.

Go spelunking

The Philippines is home to many elaborate underground cave systems. The most well-known of these is Puerto Princesa’s Underground River, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1999. However, there are other top caving systems besides, including the Calbiga or Langub-Gobingob Caves in Samar, as well as the Aglipay Caves in Quirino Province.  This summer, you may want to sign up for a guided tour through these caving destinations to find cool rock formations, hidden water streams, and even a colony of cute bats!

Those who are completely new to the Philippines will have a blast getting to know the country during the summertime. On the other hand, those who already reside here will surely discover something more in the country’s nature-adventure destinations to fall in love with. All in all, there’s no shortage of fun and excitement to be had this summer—so make sure to cross at least one of these off your bucket list!