Why Your Next Boat Should Be a Powerboat or Speed Boat

If you’re reading this feature with a keen sense of interest, then it may be because you’re already familiar with the exciting and remarkable world of yachting. You’ve likely already hit your first big milestones as a bona fide yachtsman by making the decision to buy your first sailboat, taking her cruising across the country’s beautiful blue waters, and berthing her in one the Philippines’ most idyllic marinas. Perhaps you’ve grown so used to the handling and performance of your first boat that venturing out into sea with it already feels like child’s play to you. Perhaps, by now, you somehow crave a different sort of speed, manoeuvrability, and power—something that your current boat can’t give you.

That being said, what should be your next step? Exactly how do you go about choosing a vessel that can give you that new boating experience you’re yearning for? Maybe you can start by thinking of this goal as something like expanding your collection of luxury watches or sports cars. You could be doing so for the sake of variety, for wanting to upgrade your experience, or even for the desire of becoming a bigger authority in the field of boating. After all, knowing how to handle more than one type of watercraft brings you one step closer to being a boating connoisseur, one who is highly knowledgeable with the fine art of helming beautiful and powerful vessels.

Whatever the case, your next boat purchase should definitely widen your perspective about boating. Europa Yachts, the Philippines’ premier distributor of luxury European watercrafts, makes a case for adding another class of boats to your collection—the powerboat, otherwise known as the speed boat or sport boat. In this article, we’ll lay out the reasons to upgrade your repertoire of vessels with a powerboat of your own. We’ll also fill you in on how to find a top-caliber speed boat in the Philippines.


What’s Your Advantage as a Speed Boat Philippines Owner?

As the name implies, a powerboat is a vessel that relies on a powerful engine to propel itself forward. Though the use of engines is not exclusive to powerboats—as many models of sailboats are now built with engines of their own—buying a powerboat means investing in engine performance that transcends that of most sailing vessels.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a powerboat, you have three good reasons to do so: you’ll get to work with more speed and power, you’ll be able to travel farther with little effort, and you’ll enjoy a unique brand of luxury that only powerboats can provide.


Cruise with More Power and Speed

Powerboats are engineered to travel at speeds higher than 18 knots. Moreover, they also typically possess a planing hull, which allows them to glide on the water instead of displacing it when running at full speed. As such, this class of boat is perfect for those who crave the adrenaline rush brought about by high-speed cruising and the sensation of hovering above the waves.

If your current vessel doesn’t have the engine power or hull type that enables such thrills, then you may want to pool funds into something sportier. Europa Yachts recommends the Flyer series from French boatbuilder Bénéteau, whose Air Step hull technology affords exceptional speed and cruising comfort on the part of the helmsman and their passengers.



Journey Far into the Heart of the Ocean

As long as you are willing to expend regularly for fuel, owning a powerboat should prove rewarding—especially in terms of how far you can travel. Instead of relying on your sailing skills (or the skills of a paid sailing crew), you can simply turn on the ignition of your powerboat and cruise to your chosen coordinates as easily as if you were driving a sports car. Powerboats also have convenience on their side, since the owner need not be at the mercy of the wind to travel at the speed—and to arrive at the time—that they want.

When choosing a powerboat, consider the kind of experience that it opens you up to. If you’re after comfortable, leisurely, and romantic sea travel, then you can explore Bénéteau’s Antares range; on the other hand, if you want your powerboat to supplement another hobby, like game fishing, you can head out as far as you like for your next big catch with Bénéteau’s aptly titled Barracuda and  Swift Trawler lines.


Up the Luxury Factor

Lastly, the “wow” factor on a luxury powerboat is quite unlike anything on some of its counterparts. Alongside stellar engine performance and opportunities to leverage speed and easy handling, a speed boat Philippines owner can look forward to elegant design fixtures, ample berths, and first-class liveaboard amenities.

Such luxury is on display in powerboats from Bénéteau’s award-winning Monte Carlo range. Generous living spaces, tasteful furnishings, fully-equipped galleys, and exceptionally cozy cabins will make any new owner of a Monte Carlo boat feel as if they are on top of the world.


Find the Powerboat of Your Dreams with the Help of Europa Yachts

Buying any watercraft, let alone a second or third vessel that is quite different from your previous one, is no easy investment. Take all the time you need to research different models, to align your goals with your expected expenses, and to get advice from others who might be able to help you make the crucial final decision.

To help narrow down your choices for a new luxury speed boat in the Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact Europa Yachts. Our team will be more than happy to guide you. Call us at (+632) 8553-2027 or email us at info@europayachts.net for inquiries. A powerboat from our expansive fleet may just be the vessel you are looking for!