Lagoon 46 by SAIL Magazine

Immediate embarkation aboard Lagoon 46. The objective is to put this model under a magnifying glass, and not just any magnifying glass: that of the American magazine SAIL specializing in sailing.

The 46 is one of the new generation Lagoon catamarans, with an increased sail plan, a set back mast and a shorter boom for easy and pleasant sailing. The functionalities and level of interior finishes have also been reviewed for this new generation of catamarans: luxurious design, noble materials, ergonomic spaces and increased storage areas.


Lagoon 46


Thanks to its Lagoon DNA, the 46 already had strong points: freedom, daring, good life and innovation. Nevertheless, the Lagoon 46 had to impose itself on the market:

“When designing the new 46 footer, Lagoon had to face two challenges. First of all, the huge popularity of the recently launched and innovative 50 sets the bar high for the smaller model. So, the whole question was: how to fit all the innovative features of the 50 on a more compact model. Then, as the 46 succeeds the Lagoon 450, whose success was immense, Lagoon could not afford a misstep. With nearly 800 units of the previous model launched, it was imperative to make the new one successful. “

The Lagoon 46 is therefore the result of a challenge! With 185 units now sailing around the world, this sailing model has proven itself:

Ease of navigation:

“The Harken recessed electric winch manages the continuous sheet cart, leaving you with no excuse for not having a well-adjusted sail. The sheet of the self-tacking jib placed on a cart facilitates solo maneuvers on this large boat. “



Performance under sail:

“The Lagoon 46 is almost 540 kg lighter than its 50-foot-lighter big brother. If you manage to keep from weighing it down by filling its enormous storage spaces, you will be sure to indulge yourself with its performance under sail. ”


Harmonious interiors:

“On the Lagoon 46, the rectangular portholes are even larger than on the 450, and combined with the recessed lights on both the lower and upper lengths of the cabin, they create a feeling of light and space. Lagoon offers a choice of three wood finishes, including a dark shade of Alpi brown and an option for a premium leather touch. Purists like to say that stock cats have the aesthetic of a plastic bin, but this one is not. “



Pleasant living on board:

“The layout of our test boat was the three cabin version, with a really classy owner’s suite in the starboard cabin. A queen size double bed is located at the rear of this space, with access from either side. “


In conclusion :

“Only time will tell if the popularity of this model will match or surpass that of the 450. Given the company’s attention to detail and their integration into a more compact space, we presume that Lagoon has indeed achieved this and that the 46 will in turn set new benchmarks. “

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The SAIL Magazine magnifying glass does not say it, but at Lagoon we already know it: our legendary Lagoon 450 is retiring without fear, because the succession is well assured!